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alyssa graves

Full heart.
I've been searching my whole life for a way to pour the contents of my heart into something big
enough to hold it all. I think I've finally found (created) something that can handle it.

I studied English in college because I love artful expression. I studied psychology in graduate school because I love people in relationship with each other and themselves. I've been a house painter for more than a decade because I love being physical and I love my freedom. I travel the world and sit in temples and walk up mountains and eat street food because I'll learn and feel something and I'm a person in search of truth and connection. I say yes as often as I can because it usually turns out for the best. I play hard.

I'm humbled and thrilled to have an opportunity to build something so enormously fabulously wonderfully filled with art and truth and connection and play in my own home town, Golden, CO.

As a house painter, people often mistake me for a fine artist when they see my "work outfit." I tell them I'm more of a "space artist." The truth is, what I enjoy most in the world is creating/inspiring NEW LIFE in space/people/things.

I believe ART ON THE BRIX will be my opportunity to really bring it on! My A-game, full-on, heart bursting open ...Here goes, come play with me!



As I start this new business
venture with my daughter, I have
great anticipation of creating a
fun and stimulating atmosphere
where people come to enjoy life
and expand their horizons.

I have worked my entire life in the construction industry and obtained a construction management degree from Colorado State University. I take great pride in creating structures that will be someone's home or business. Each project is unique and challenging. Sixteen years ago I started my own construction company along with my business partner and we have enjoyed the growth and expansion of our company into a well respected mid-sized commercial construction firm.

Over 20 years ago I discovered a
new interest in wine. That interest has blossomed into a passion. I have collected wine from all parts of the world with a specific emphasis on the California wines. Wherever I travel, I research the areas for the wine regions and inevitably end up in a winery tasting the local fare. I spend a substantial amount of time in the Napa and Sonoma Valley wine countries and enjoy sharing my new discoveries with friends.

The marriage of wine and creativity was a concept which really interested me. While my art skills are minimal, the wine helps me overcome any hesitancy and allows me more freedom of expression. At the end of an art/wine lesson, I enjoy both the artwork I created as well as sharing a tasty wine with friends both old and new.

No Talent or "Experience Required picString paintPallet

genesis of

Art on

the Brix...

I braved the icy streets of
Denver one cold night in November
to meet an old friend from high school who I hadn't seen in years. Of course, we needed a drink. We decided to meet at one of those places where you can drink and make art at the same time. I was excited to try something different!

As soon as we walked in the door, I was hooked. I LOVED it — the entire experience. From picking my canvas and my apron, to filling my palate with paint and taking my first sip of wine, I was engaged and joyful. I listened for directions and picked up a brush, filled it with color and splashed it onto the canvas. What a riot! I laughed with my old friend, made new friends, drank a couple glasses of wine, and walked out with a completed painting that I actually liked!

I thought about getting all the materials and becoming a famous artist, but I knew it wouldn't be the same to drink and paint at home with my lonely canvas. I loved the social atmosphere and just being around people who weren't taking any of it too seriously.

I kept thinking about that class for several weeks and how uplifted I felt afterward. I was telling my Dad about it one evening and discovered that he'd already heard of it and had plans to go with a lady friend. In fact, he was so intrigued by the concept that he'd been thinking about ways to make it into a business of his own.

In that instant, all the bells started ringing. That night a seed was planted and from it was born ART ON THE BRIX.


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Aubrey Preble

Aubrey Preble

Star Wine Wench

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Danette Bohl

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blue and yellow make green.
Another important concept for Art on the Brix has been re-purposing. Whether
it's one of our craft CLASSES that re-purpose or simply using what's already
available to continually create our studio space, we don't just buy everything
new. We utilize the notion of re-purposing whenever and however we can.
There 's so much stuff out there that just needs someone to give it a new
beginning! Whenever we need something for furnishing to merchandising we
hit the salvage yards, thrift stores, closets, friend's garages, yard sales and
antique districts. Everything from old doors, which are now the tables we paint
on, to the crates, corbels and such as unique display pieces... We believe one
person's trash is another person's treasure! It's ton of fun, helps our planet and
provides character you can't quickly create!